Political Marketing Getting Smarter Via Digital, Mobile

Political Marketing Getting Smarter Via Digital, MobileAs yet another election cycle looms large, Targeted Victory has just debuted something called Victory Events, an online events fundraising platform tailor-made for political fundraisers.

According to details shared with MMW, the solution in question allows users to manage invitations, attendees, tickets, and scheduling with one application.

“Our team built off the successes of Victory Passport, featured last week in The New York Times, and Targeted Engagement to create the most streamlined digital experience yet for fundraisers and donors,” the company says. “It’s user friendly, customizable, and compatible with existing compliance and accounting solutions.”

It goes without saying that modern digital and mobile technologies have allowed candidates for even the lowliest of offices to enjoy the sophisticated tools previously reserved for state and federal campaigns.

“Whether creating your event using our easy-to-use and customizable templates or reaching out to past donors with our built-in email system,” a rep explains, “Victory Events is the turnkey event fundraising solution you need to maximize success. From national committee events to congressional campaigns, our platform has been tested and is ready for your fundraiser.”

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