Point-of-Sale Donations Give New Life to Nonprofit Organizations

Illustrating the invaluable role of contemporary point-of-sale and payments solutions in fundraising efforts around the nation, the team at Cynergy Data has a lot to be proud of.

Offered exclusively by Cynergy Data, there’s no shortage of buzz surrounding DonateWiseNow, an innovative solution that serves up a “discreet screen on a signature pad” that allows a consumer to privately decide if they want to donate to a local charity.

Recently, the Streetdog Foundation – a nonprofit that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes stray and abandoned dogs – was named one of the beneficiaries of a point-of-sale fundraising program. As a result, the owners of Streetdog say they’ve been able to offer extensive assistance to animals that have been entrusted to their care.

“Consumers donated $13,000 through DonateWiseNow in just a few months to help us with our dogs,” said Kent Pafford, one of Streetdog’s co-founders. “That’s literally the difference between life and death for some and what will enable all of them to get medicine and treatments, which is the first step to getting placed in forever homes.”

“DonateWiseNow’s fundraising technology is a powerful way for small to mid-size merchants, local nonprofits, and individuals to connect and make a difference for causes that matter,” says Robert DiMattina, one of the developers of the DonateWiseNow program.

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