Pods on Parade: AerServ Launches Latest Mobile Advertising Innovation

AerServ, a leading ad management technology and SSP for mobile publishers and advertisers, has announced the launch of Ad Pods for publishers.

What exactly are Ad Pods? They give publishers the ability to display multiple video ad units that play back-to-back within a single in-app ad placement — similar to commercial breaks seen on TV.

Using IAB standards, this advanced video advertising format allows publishers to maximize their monetization within a single ad session, decreasing the need for interruptions in the user experience.

Reports have shown that viewers are more engaged by TV-like video ads, resulting in higher engagement, CTR and completion rates.

Ad placements can be customized by setting the desired number of ads, max duration for the ad pod, and skippability within the AerServ platform.

“As digital spend begins to outpace traditional TV spend, publishers and video advertisers are looking for ways to extend their audience in a safe and familiar way,” said Josh Speyer, CEO AerServ. “Ad buyers want a more TV like buying and planning experience across channels and platforms. And for publishers, Ad Pods increase ad load which provides new monetization and pricing opportunities without having to find new users.”