Podcast Helps New Mobile Marketers Get Started

mobileStorm Text-Marketing Podcast
Mobile is an obvious choice for marketers who want their campaigns to be on the cutting edge, or for those who need to get timely information out instantly. But it’s too easy to just say, “Of course you want to go mobile!” Many marketers still need to know why, especially if those they work for tend to stay conservative about marketing risks. They also need to learn how to begin advertising in a new medium.

Luckily, our Resource Guides page offers a wealth of information that’s helpful to marketers starting out in mobile. Veterans, too, will likely find something useful.

Besides written information, we’re branching out to include multi-media resources. Most recently, we’ve added “Text-Marketing To Cell Phone Users”–a podcast interview that Practical eCommerce conducted with Jared Reitzin, CEO and founder of mobileStorm. Mr. Reitzin explains exactly why SMS is the ideal way to reach consumers, and he also offers some getting-started tips for the beginner. (To listen to the podcast right away, click on the player icon pictured above.)

We’re always on the lookout for new resources. If you think a particular white paper, video, podcast, best practices document, or other informative link should be included, please contact us at editor@mobilemarketingwatch.com We’ll also let you know via this blog whenever we add something new to the Resource Guides.