PlayLater Brings Mobile Recording Capabilities to Netflix and Hulu

MediaMall Technologies this week announced that videos recorded with their PlayLater software will now be portable to Android mobile devices.

Windows Phones and BlackBerry Smartphones are also now on the list of included devices. All told, they are in good company. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch gained support in August.

PlayLater videos can now be played on most any mobile platform via the devices’ native video players, the company says.

PlayLater, released in September last year, is PC software that serves as an online DVR. PlayLater customers can record streaming video from 30+ online websites including Hulu, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon VOD, HBO Go, YouTube, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, Disney, PBS Kids, Nick, Nick Jr, and many more. They can then watch these recorded videos on the PC (without the need for an Internet connection) or transfer them to a mobile device and watch them on that device.

“After announcing PlayLater mobile for the iOS platform, we are excited to announce Android and broad platform support,” says Jeff Lawrence, MediaMall Technologies CEO. “PlayLater seems to have truly broad appeal…and is a must-have for the gadget guy, frequent flier, or busy mom during the holiday season. Nothing beats on-the-go entertainment when you are on a long flight or trying to calm a crying pre-schooler. And, PlayLater is the only way to record all the online shows and movies you want and take them with you on your mobile devices.”

A free trial of PlayLater is available here.