PlayHaven Aims to Help Mobile Game Developers Maximize Engagement and Monetization on iOS

This week, PlayHaven – is a real-time mobile game marketing platform – launched a real-time marketing platform, built specifically to “help developers maximize the success of their mobile games.”

And when it comes to mobile games, the gurus at PlayHaven know what they are talking about. PlayHaven presently enjoys a reach of 36 million unique users driving 180 million monthly game sessions.

In an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving landscape, PlayHaven’s new platform enables mobile game developers to effectively market their apps, engage their users, and boost their average revenue per user in real-time.

According to information made available in the company’s announcement via press release, PlayHaven says that by providing tools that bring the speed and flexibility of the web to mobile game development, PlayHaven will “empower developers to build gaming experiences capable of reacting to the lightning-fast pace of the industry.”

In short, PlayHaven’s platform gives game developers the ultimate flexibility and control in creating and deploying business ideas in real-time, without the need to submit an update to the App Store.

PlayHaven’s platform allows for simple creation of Dynamic Overlays, customizable HTML5 windows that appear above the game, that are a key way for developers to push content and announcements to their users without requiring any change to the underlying game code.

“As the mobile game industry shifts to the ‘games-as-a-service’ model, the PlayHaven Platform enables developers to break free from the constraints of the traditional software development cycle by enabling real-time business optimization,” says Andy Yang, CEO of PlayHaven. “We’ve torn down the wall between game developer and gamer and will continue to aggressively provide new ways to help our customers better engage and monetize their players.”