Platform Expansion Expected to Aid Mobile Ad Buying

Platform Expansion Expected to Aid Mobile Ad BuyingMMW was briefed this week on mobile app marketing company appnique‘s recent expansion of its app store SEO product.

The expansion includes the addition of a turnkey service for managed paid user acquisition (UA) campaigns.

The Seattle-based company says it can now help mobile product managers in marketing their apps using both organic and paid channels, and acquire users via a comprehensive UA strategy.

With its integrated reporting dashboard it can now track mobile app campaign effectiveness and user engagement.

“Using our optimization engine, we enable better app discovery in mobile app stores,” says Jai Jaisimha, CEO of appnique, “With this insight, we can now drive targeted paid campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter and other leading mobile ad networks. Together with our new Flurry and HasOffers integration we can measure improved campaign ROI, and better track the health of our clients’ mobile app business.”

The company says that a key benefit of appnique’s UA offering is that with both iTunes and Google Play, more app downloads also means higher organic search rank, and a higher rank means better organic app discoverability.