PlaceIQ: Visitation Patterns of Retails Shoppers Revealed

Today’s retail brands are turning to location data to understand what’s “top of mind” for their customers.

Location data provides answers beyond whether audiences are visiting retail locations. It’s now being used to understand the combination of the places consumer audiences visit, the journey between those places, and which cross-shopping affinities stand out. With these insights, retailers continue to find innovative ways to understand and engage effectively with potential buyers.
PlaceIQ analyzed millions of anonymized, opted-in location signals to provide an overview of the characteristics for leading retail brands.

Key findings include:

Gap vs T.J. Maxx

  • While similar in age range (21-24 years old), Gap shoppers are more likely to go bowling, purchase Adidas footwear, and dine at P.F. Chang’s
  • T.J. Maxx shoppers are more likely to go on cruises, shop at Shoe Carnival, and own Mazda cars
Macy’s vs Nordstrom
  • Macy’s shoppers over-index at places like NBA arenas and Gamespots, and tend to dine at Olive Garden
  • Nordstrom shoppers are more likely to shop at Bloomingdale’s and gym at Equinox
Target vs Kohl’s
  • Target shoppers are more likely to shop at retailer HomeGoods, eat at Red Robin, drive a Honda, and visit DisneyLand
  • Kohl’s shoppers are more likely to shop at DressBarn, visit NFL stadiums, and drive a Lexus
Lowe’s vs Home Depot
  • Lowe’s shoppers skew younger (21 – 24 years old) compared to those that shop at Home Depot (35 – 49)
  • Lowe’s shoppers gym at Planet Fitness and eat at Red Robin and Golden Corral
  • Home Depot shoppers also frequent BJ’s WholesaleBoston Market, and Lifetime Fitness