PlaceIQ, MasterCard Behind New Infographic for Marketers Focused on Back-to-School Shoppers

MMW has learned that PlaceIQ recently teamed with MasterCard to help marketers better understand the “back-to-school” shopper, using location and purchase data.

“This kind of analysis can help brands paint a better picture of their audiences’ affinities across categories,” an emailed statement reads. “For example, if you’re an electronics retailer, knowing that an audience who will likely be purchasing from your store during back-to-school is also dining at Carrabba’s can help inform where, when and how to deliver ads that will drive them to buy their school gadgets. That could come in the form of placing physical ads near the Carraba’s, delivering digital ads when they are nearby the restaurant, or even forming a partnership with the chain to cross-promote.”

All told, it’s a fascinating visual. Check it out below and make notes!