Placecast Debuts ShopAlerts Location-Based Advertising Following Successful Pilot Programs

Placecast Debuts ShopAlerts Location-Based Advertising Following Successful Pilot ProgramsOn the heels of Placecast deploying several very successful pilot programs across the US, the company is set to debut its innovative ShopAlerts solution to help drive foot-traffic and sales to brick-and-mortar businesses based on its unique geo-fencing technology.

When a business signs up for ShopAlerts, consumers can opt-in via in-store sign-up, Online, via text message, mobile Websites and even Facebook to receive location-triggered SMS advertisements.  Once opted-in, and the Placecast technology is activated, consumers are alerted via text message when they’re either in close proximity to a location they’re interested in, or when a business is offering sales or specials.

The basis of Placecast’s technology is its use of geo-fences placed around a particular business or location.  Once opted-in, when consumers come within the virtual boundary, SMS messages are triggered- creating a true location-based SMS advertising solution.  Consumers will only receive a maximum of three SMS messages in any given week, and can opt-out at anytime by simply sending STOP back to Placecast’s platform.

Following successful trials for the likes of North Face, REI and American Eagle Outfitters, Placecast surveyed users to get a sense of their willingness to the idea.  60% of participants found the location-triggered messages to be innovative, 79% said it increased their likelihood to visit a store, 65% made a purchase as a result of a ShopAlerts message and 73% of participants would definitely or probably use the service in the future.

With positive consumer response, ShopAlerts will likely gain some serious traction in the near future.  It’s one of the first true location-based implementations of SMS advertising that has potential for long-term success.  Placecast has been delicately perfecting its technology for a long time, and it shows with innovative solutions like ShopAlerts.