Placecast Adds Fuel To “ShopAlerts” By Partnering W/ Location Labs For Geodata

Placecast today announced a new partnership with Location Labs to bolster the ability to track device location for its unique ShopAlerts location-based marketing platform.

Location Labs provides detailed device location data direct from national carriers rather than requiring users to download an app or otherwise.  In doing so, Location Labs can instantly acquire the location of more than 180M potential consumers across the US — regardless of carrier networks or whether the user is using a smartphone or a feature phone.  Given its technology and expansive reach, Placecast saw it as a perfect opportunity to leverage.

Using “geo-fencing” technology, Placecast’s ShopAlerts provides a robust permission and location-based marketing platform by creating pre-determined boundaries around a certain location.  Consumers double opt-in to receive notifications through a variety of ways – including at the store, Online, via text-message, mobile Website or social network.  Once ShopAlerts is activated, the service automatically alerts the consumer about a brand’s local sales, special events, or other relevant information based on their location.

Because precise location targeting is vital to ShopAlerts, the partnership with Location Labs was a perfect fit.  “We’re excited about our partnership with Location Labs, as it enables us to bring massive reach and scale to retail brands seeking to connect with customers on most phones, without an app,” said Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman.