Pizza Huts in Hong Kong Drive Revenue, Cut Costs With Mobile Marketing

mobile-marketingIn an effort to improve upon marketing campaigns, the over 70 Pizza Hut chains in Hong Kong continue to make gradual shifts towards mobile marketing tactics, replacing print coupons the company used in the past. In addition to saving time, the switch to digital saves 90% in printing costs and in a one day test run, showed a 7-10% increase in revenue.

Pizza Hut’s shift to mobile marketing began in 2014 as an effort to improve the customer experience and cut costs on direct marketing materials. Using mobile marketing campaigns the company is now able to get coupons ready for distribution in 2 hours and requires only a single in-house graphic designer. In addition to corporate benefits, the shift to mobile allows the company to partake in more environmentally friendly marketing tactics.

“We were not trying to solve a particular technology problem, but to improve on our marketing campaign management,” stated Ravel Lai, group IT director at Jardine Restaurant Group Hong Kong and Macau, in an interview with Computerworld Hong Kong.