Pizza Hut Taking a Pass on Apple Pay?

Pizza Giant Taking a Pass on Apple PayPizza Hut is, without question, a mobile innovator. Among the first national pizza chains to develop and roll-out a comprehensive mobile platform for customers, Pizza Hut knows a thing or two about giving patrons convenience through the mobile channel.

Consequently, it comes as a surprise to some that the pizza giant doesn’t seen to think that Apple’s new mobile payments platform will deliver.

“I am more pessimistic about Apple Pay’s impact than most people here,” Danny Sullivan, Pizza Hut’s VP of global digital experience, recently said according to

Sullivan’s outlook is bleak for a number of reasons, including the fact that there’s no ecommerce option and Android users (of whom there are many) are naturally excluded.

He reminded the audience that American consumers have no core problem with using rectangular plastic cards to pay for products in-store—magstripe devices that have worked quite well for decades—so much persuasion will be needed for any in-store mobile payment to gain serious traffic, momentum and marketshare.

“I still don’t think the use case has been made,” Sullivan concludes.

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