Pizza Hut Pulling Away From The Pack

Lots of folks already blogged about the pizza hut mobile site launch today so I’m not really looking to jump on that meme. What I haven’t seen mentioned though is the strength of Pizza Huts’ recent online marketing efforts. Somewhere near the end of August Pizza Hut dropped the hammer on and by the end of the Q4 there was considerable distance between the two which had been running stride for stride nearly all year.

Pizza Hut doubled their visitors in 2007 according to

Traffic Profile For Pizza Hut, PapaJohns and SubWay

What’s going on with Whatever Jared is doing for Subway it’s not translating to online traffic. Subway is totally flat against their pizza counterparts… perhaps it’s not a fair comparison on my part? I think it is. Subway kicked off a mobile campaign not too long ago; I wonder how that’s working out for them.

The Subway website just seems like a real Jekyll and Hyde. They’re not sure if they’re offering franchise details or sandwiches. Too, the Subway website needs a remarkably severe makeover… a kick butt UX for consumers not potential franchisees. I’d take all that franchise information and shove it all under a separate corporate services website. Go compare the site to SubWay isn’t in the same user experience ballpark is it? is promoting mobile right on the home page and I’m willing to bet that’s paying off. How do I know? I don’t have specific knowledge of how it’s actually doing but sites with over 1M visitors per month don’t slot considerable sized promos on the home page if they’re not delivering.

Papa Johns Mobile Ordering