Pizza Hut Goes Mobile, Makes Placing Orders Free of Burning Any Calories

For those who love ordering pizza but find the phone or computer-based ordering process much too time consuming and cumbersome, today is definitely your lucky day.

Pizza Hut is making the pizza ordering experience almost entirely devoid of needing to get off of the recliner and walk to your nearest telephone or desktop computer.

Yes, the new and improved Pizza Hut app does everything but chew the food for you.

We’ve made the #1 killer app for your appetite even more amazing with some exciting new updates!

Thanks to a slate of new iPhone and Android apps, you can now order your tasty feast from Pizza Hut via iPhone or iPad for the first time in the venerable pizza-pie maker’s long history.

Users can also enjoy a series of new features that make the mobile ordering experience as similar to the Pizza Hut dining experience as possible, including full menu access.

According to Tressie Lieberman, senior manager of digital marketing for Pizza Hut, the new app offers both convenience and accessibility – two attributes of the take-out dining experience that get a clear boost from the refreshed Pizza Hut app. “People like to pull out the iPad,” Lieberman says. “You don’t have to start up your computer.”