Pixalate Rolls Out Seller Trust Index for Benchmarking Video Advertising

technology-792180_960_720MAW provided an exclusive first look earlier this week at the release of a new Video Seller Trust Index (VSTI) from Pixalate, a leader in fraud protection and data intelligence.

According to the report in question, Pixalate is set to provide a cross-platform rating system for video advertising, spanning programmatic TV, mobile, and desktop video.

Expanding on its Global Seller Trust Index (GSTI) and in-app Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI), the rating standard for programmatic advertising, Pixalate’s new VSTI is a revolutionary index that tracks the movement of video advertising spend from traditional direct channels to programmatic sellers, allowing advertisers for the first time to plan their campaign spend on platforms optimized for both inventory quality and cross-screen audience reach.

According to eMarketer, 2016 video ad spending will likely grow to $10.3 billion. Its take of total digital spending is on track to increase to more than14 percent, MAW notes.

While connected TV/OTT video traffic is increasing, so is ad fraud, which follows the money and viewers. Pixalate’s data suggested that 44 percent of connected TV/OTT device traffic is invalid.

Combining invalid traffic metrics with traditional video metrics such as audience reach and gross rating points (GRP) across all video mediums will allow Pixalate’s VSTI to offer a singular view of seller reputation and establishes a new currency for digital video advertising.

“Video advertising, particularly programmatic TV, is rapidly becoming the next big frontier for fraudsters to exploit,” said Jalal Nasir, the founder and CEO of Pixalate. “Our groundbreaking new Video Seller Trust Index addresses this industry problem by identifying the safest platforms for advertisers to work with through quality scores that go beyond the one dimensional reach metric.”