Pixalate Gets High Marks for New Standards Index for In-App Mobile Ads

Pixalate Gets High Marks for New Standards Index for In-App Mobile AdsPixalate, a company with a solid reputation in the field of fraud protection and data intelligence, is getting widespread industry praise for the recent introduction the industry’s first monthly in-app Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI).

“With the new MSTI, Pixalate is providing clarity on how supply quality in mobile should be evaluated based on factors including legitimate inventory, fraud, transparency, and location,” the organization announced.

The MSTI evaluates 125 supply-side platforms with in-app mobile inventory based on a rigorous examination of more than five billion impressions to determine the reputation.

Pixalate introduced the monthly Global Seller Trust Index for display and mobile web advertising in December 2014. Now the company’s MSTI will provide an index based on factors specific to in-app mobile ads.

Pixalate also released the names of the ten top ranked sellers for the month of August.

“Supply quality measurement in-app mobile ads has become a minefield for buyers. Our study revealed that more than 38 percent of in-app mobile ad inventory is fraudulent leaving buyers in the dark on which ad exchanges are trustworthy,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate.

“We are very pleased to announce the Mobile Seller Trust Index to help the industry address this problem,” Nasir added. “The new ground-breaking index will help level the playing field for mobile ad buyers, who want verified data on how each ad platform ranks based on factors such as location and non-human traffic data.”

To check out the full index, click here.