Pioneer Rolls Out After-Ride Data Analysis on Riders’ Smartphones

Pioneer Electronics Inc.’s Cycle Sports Division has just announced what it calls Cyclo-Sphere Mobile — a new iPhone® application created to support cyclists riding with Pioneer’s line of Single Leg and Dual Leg Power Meters.

Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app is an extension of Cyclo-Sphere, Pioneer’s free online cloud service created for after-ride analysis.

The new app takes primary ride data collected in Cyclo-Sphere and reformats it for mobile use with a simple-to-use interface that is fast, powerful and available on the cyclist’s iPhone. Cyclo-Sphere Mobile features three new functions exclusive to the new app: Segment Analysis, Ranking and Training Assist.

“Ask any cyclists and they’ll admit that the first thing they do when they’re back from a ride is check out their stats, was my max power better than last time, did I ride faster than my friends on this route. Our new Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app puts the metrics and data analysis cyclists want access to when they’re away from their computers and only have an iPhone available for ride breakdown. If cyclists want more detailed pedaling data and analysis, they always have the option of using Cyclo-Sphere on their PC,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Our new app is designed to make it easier for cyclists to keep track of their progress in order to improve performance and achieve their goals, whether it’s winning a race or just beating their friends.”

To learn more, check it out here.