Pinsight Touch Concentrating on ‘Dynamic NFC’

Pinsight Touch Concentrating on 'Dynamic NFC'Sprint confirmed Thursday the availability of Pinsight Touch, a nationwide open platform for storing and accessing credentials on a mobile device.

With a strong emphasis on security, the solution is opening up new possibilities for the transit, access and payment verticals, Sprint says.

Pinsight Touch offers a direct path for credential issuers to enable their own branded applications with Near Field Communication (NFC) and to share secured access to those credentials with other trusted applications, creating opportunities for increased distribution and wallet share.

“Sprint has joined forces with Sequent, leveraging their technology platform to make it easy for application developers to add NFC functionality into the branded mobile applications consumers already use,” the company says. “To further support growing the value of issuer and merchant mobile applications, Sprint has tied-in Pinsight Media+, the mobile media company powered by Sprint. Pinsight Media+ incorporates a suite of media tools into the Pinsight Touch program which can assist issuers and merchants in driving the discoverability of their mobile applications and maximizing customer acquisition.”

Evan Conway, head of monetization and strategy for Pinsight Media+, says Pinsight Touch provides businesses with the flexibility to offer innovative technologies without having to compromise their brand and their relationships with customers.

“Transit, access and payment companies will now have a better way to connect with customers via their own mobile apps and services,” Conway adds.