Photobucket Mobile App Sees 2500% Increase In Downloads Using GetJar “App It!”

Photobucket Mobile App Sees 2500% Increase In Downloads Using GetJar "App It!"Sometimes something so simple can have a huge effect.  Case in point, using a simple “clickable link” service can boost application downloads by an enormous margin.

Photobucket, the most widely used photo-sharing service on the Web, announced recently that along with releasing their mobile app, they leveraged a new service from GetJar dubbed “App It!” to help promote it.  How it works is very simple: when you upload an app to GetJar, you’re provided with an automatically-generated “download link” that can be placed anywhere you’d like.  When clicked in a mobile browser, the user is instantly directed to the app’s page on the GetJar servers.  The user’s phone make and model is detected, so they’re provided with a version of the app that they can download and use on the spot.

Put simply, the service has worked wonders for Photobucket.  Downloads of the new app through GetJar have increased 2500% since they stared using App It! just a few months ago, now totaling roughly 638,502 downloads.  Things like this is why GetJar has managed to quickly become the world’s second largest app store (after Apple’s) and keeps growing by leaps and bounds.  They provide a killer user-interface and overall ease-of-use for both end-users and developers submitting their apps, and it shows by producing outstanding results for those who use it.