Phablets to Fade Away? Fat Chance, Says Juniper

Phablets to Fade Away Fat Chance, Says JuniperThe phablet – a smartphone with the over-sized screen and general feel of a small tablet – is a hot commodity in mobile today. And despite predictions that its demise would be realized in the era of ultra sleek smartphones, the latest projections from Juniper paint a different portrait entirely.

New findings from the hi-tech analysts reveal that the Phablet, once perceived to have limited potential, will ship over 120 million units by 2018 (Do you know how many were shipped in 2013? A mere 20 million).

The device will find particularly receptive markets in East Asian territories such as South Korea – with gamers who desire a larger surface to play on, and China – where content streamers will benefit from a higher quality screen.

The same report notes that the OS market for Phablets will be dominated by two major players, Android and Windows. “The Windows ecosystem will be driven by Nokia’s Lumia range, which is anticipated to find success in the more affluent demographics of developing nations,” the report reads. “The Android ecosystem will be driven by the latest in Samsung’s Note series in developed markets as well as local vendors such as Intex.”

Of course, these market projections could change drastically if and when rumors of an Apple Phablet ultimately manifest.