Pfizer Thinks BlackBerry is Bad Medicine

Pfizer Thinks BlackBerry is Bad MedicineNot withstanding the company’s recent influx of life-giving rescue cash and the promise of a new (even if interim) CEO, BlackBerry’s problems continue.

The embattled Canadian smartphone maker is now forced to contend with Pfizer as the latest former loyalist to back away from the platform.

The pharmaceutical giant has reportedly “told BlackBerry users to switch to an iPhone or Android handset when their wireless contract next permits an upgrade.”

According to AllThingsD, Pfizer blames BlackBerry’s “volatile state” as the reason for the iOS and Android push.

“We simply recommended to colleagues who have BlackBerry’s that they use their BlackBerry devices and … migrate to a new device at the normal contract expiration,” a representative for Pfizer tells AllThingsD.

It isn’t clear how many BlackBerry devices are used by Pfizer employees, but the company has 90,000 people on its payroll.