Petition to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking Gets 100K Signatures

The White House petition initiated to undo the questionable policy change outlawing new cell phones from being unlocked reached its goal.

The petition had to secure 100,000 signatures my midnight on February 23, 2013 in order to mandate a response from The White House.

To be clear, the controversial policy still stands. But now with the attention of The White House, there’s a good chance a positive solution will be found for the outraged mobile device owners who feel their rights have been trampled upon.

The underlying controversy began last fall when the Register of Copyrights at the Library of Congress determined that unlocking mobile phones would no longer be permissible. A 90-day window, which was established for people to still buy a phone and unlock it, closed at the end of January.

As of today, it is against the law for certain mobile phone owners to unlock their devices for use on other carriers.

But also as of today, 109,316 people “want their rights back.”

Do you think the policy will – or should – be reversed?