[Petition] Stand Up Against CTIA for Unfair Practices Related to SMS Short Code Auditing

CTIA is now enforcing new compliance audits on SMS short codes, and SMS and mobile content providers are fighting back with a new petition.  The full text of the petition follows.

“The CTIA has begun an unfair and unbalanced audit of SMS providers who use short codes, requiring them to police anyone listing them on the web to list disclaimers about their proper usage,” the petition states.  “Because this extends to all partners, clients and client affiliates of the SMS provider, it represents an unrealistic and unattainable burden since by design, short codes are easily referenced on the web without any way for the provider to police them.”

“Additionally, the CTIA has chosen to ignore the most prevalent and widespread abusers of their requirements.  Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow the quick and easy dissemination of information and by design, don’t provide the characters limits to include disclaimers.  These organizations represent the most significant abusers of the CTIA rules. By overlooking violators such as these while auditing smaller providers, the CTIA is setting a precedent that they are not supporters of net neutrality or the fair business landscape that it is designed to provide.”

“The CTIA audit represents a significant threat to the businesses that have helped to grow SMS into the worldwide communication tool that it is today because even the risk of short code restrictions are enough for most customers to cease their campaigns. We respectfully ask that the CTIA cease their audits and work with the providers to enforce best practices in another manner that will be more effective at reaching their goals without threatening businesses or the industry as a whole.”

Click here to view and sign this petition.