Pertino Pioneers Cloud Network App Store for Network Services

Pertino Pioneers Cloud Network App Store for Network ServicesWith innovation at the core of its latest effort, Pertino today unveiled something called AppScape, the industry’s first cloud network app store for network services.

The formal announcement came during the Spiceworld 2013 SMB IT Conference.

The Pertino Cloud Network Services initiative seeks to “unbox” networking for SMBs by replacing network services that traditionally run on hardware appliances with apps that run on cloud networks.

Now, the company says, customers can affordably deploy network services on their Pertino cloud networks with just a few clicks.

“Workforces today are mobile and need easy access to behind-the-firewall resources from any location and across multiple devices. This represents a fundamental challenge for IT organizations that rely on hardware appliances and Windows endpoint software for remote access connectivity and security,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

According to a recent Spiceworks survey on remote access trends, 75 percent of SMB IT professionals say the number of remote and mobile workers grew in recent years, and that 96 percent of these workers need access to behind-the-firewall resources.

“With the emergence of SDN-powered cloud networking and Network Function Virtualization,” Laliberte adds. “we expect that traditional appliance and endpoint services, such as security, visibility, and deep packet inspection functions, will start to be virtualized and migrated to a cloud services model.”