Perk Wants a Piece of Viggle App

Perk Wants a Piece of Viggle AppOn Monday, MMW learned that — a leading cloud-based mobile rewards platform provider — has signed an asset purchase agreement with Viggle Inc., a mobile and web-based entertainment marketing platform.

Specifically, Perk will purchase the rights to the Viggle name and brand as well as the entirety of Viggle’s interests in the Viggle App.

The app, if you’re not familiar, is a mobile and tablet application that uses incentives to make content consumption and discovery more rewarding for media companies, brands and consumers.

Launched in 2012, the Viggle App is an advertising platform that works on mobile phones and tablets allowing users to earn rewards by watching TV and listening to music.

After downloading and creating an account, consumers are able to play games along with TV shows, share comments through social media, answer trivia questions and discover more about the show.