Perfect Market, Gumiyo Team Up for Mobile Content Service

A new partnership will help ring in the new year for Perfect Market, a well-known provider of traffic and content optimization solutions for web publishers.

Perfect Match is teaming up with Gumiyo, a provider of mobile development and mobile publishing solutions. Together the dynamic duo will combine their services on a mobile platform for publishers.

“Simple” is the word used by both companies to describe the basic nature and goals of the coupling: Gumiyo mobilizes, Perfect Market monetizes. Correspondingly, the combination of Gumiyo’s mobile platform with Perfect Market’s traffic and content optimization solutions create a better experience for mobile users and increased profits for content publishers.

While consumer adaption of mobile devices has been strong, advertising on these platforms has lagged. The combination of Perfect Market and Gumiyo allows publishers to take full advantage of mobile opportunities and moves mobile from being a “must have” for consumers to a “must have” revenue opportunity for publishers.

“Perfect Market and Gumiyo have deployed their solution on Tier 1 premium publishers and are showing record rates of mobile traffic and monetization,” explained Perfect Market CEO Julie Schoenfeld.

“Finally, publishers can generate meaningful revenue results from mobile, while having complete control over content, layout and user experience for every device” continues Gumiyo CEO Shuki Lehavi.