Per4mance Trak Promises Mobile Advertisers Coveted Real-Time Data

Per4mance Trak Promises Mobile Advertisers Coveted Real-Time Data4INFO, a technology firm that ostensibly exists to try to solve the challenge of mobile attribution for major brands that launch national advertising campaigns, is right on “Trak” to make a big difference in the mobile ad industry.

4INFO recently announced the launch of their new real-time dashboard for mobile media advertisers called Per4mance Trak.

Per4mance Trak allows mobile advertisers to access both real time and in-depth data to determine the success of their current campaign.

With the speed in which online and mobile trends change, this type of data is the best way to capitalize on both ongoing trends and short-lived patterns. It also allows for campaigns that are not working to be adjusted sooner rather than later.

Their innovative dashboard, we’re told, allows for far more detailed analysis, which is required for successfully targeting mobile ad campaigns. It also solves the need for tracking the ROI of mobile campaigns.

“Advertisers are constantly seeking new insights into their mobile audience,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO. “The Per4mance Trak dashboard enables advertisers to view and analyze real-time campaign data, and drill down to answer unlimited questions and yield actionable insights.”