Pegatron CEO: Low Cost iPhone May Now Be So Affordable

Speaking to investors at his company’s shareholders meeting, Pegatron CEO T.H. Tung recently stated that Apple’s long-rumored low cost iPhone likely won’t be as affordable as most expect.

This revelation all but confirms speculation that the “low-cost entry-level model” is coming and will be sold as a higher-end middle tier device instead.

The chief executive of the Apple manufacturing partner indicated that products currently on the market can carry a number of names, but “cheap” is not one that should be associated with Apple’s less expensive iPhone.

All told, these controversial remarks appear to corroborate earlier claims that Pegatron is handling at least a portion of the new iPhone model’s manufacturing.
In recent weeks, Pegatron was rumored to have begun a hiring spree that will add approximately 400,000 workers to the company before the end of 2013.

As of this writing, most analysts and media sources are conflicted as to which of Apple’s manufacturing partners will be primarily responsible for the majority of production on the low-cost iPhone.