payvia Making Waves with New Mobile Payments Service

On Thursday, payvia heralded the launch of its next generation mobile payments platform.

As part of the announcement, payvia also confirmed new direct carrier billing agreements with two domestic prominent carriers. The developments go hand-in-hand with the efforts underway at payvia to help merchants accept mobile payments.

payvia, if you’re not familiar, lets consumers use their mobile phone to purchase digital goods and services by placing charges directly on their carrier bill. payvia also works with merchants and developers to integrate a customized smart checkout experience.

payvia’s next generation carrier billing technology optimizes online, on-device and in-app purchases for digital goods and online services — delivering more paying customers to merchants.

“We are excited to unveil our new mobile payments solution delivering a convenient payment option that complements merchant checkouts to reduce abandoned transactions, increase conversions and deliver more paying customers,” said Darcy Wedd, President of payvia. “As we round out our remaining carrier partnerships, we are proud to announce our latest direct billing agreements with Sprint and T-Mobile USA.”