PayPal Opens Up Mobile Payments To Developers

PayPal Opens Up Mobile Payments To DevelopersOn the heels of PayPal launching its Mobile Payments Library to select developers, the company today announced it’s opening its new platform up to the entire iPhone development community.

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, but PayPal’s new Mobile Payments Library is a quick and easy way to add checkout functionality for physical goods and services sold through apps on the iPhone, without having to worry about keeping customers’ personal financial information secure.

The company announced the platform will be available for other mobile OS platforms in the future, but is already boasting some unique iPhone apps that have already built-in PayPal’s new mobile payment technology.

For example, custom charms by Baublet, are available in the iPhone App Store, where users can buy & ship photo charms directly from their iPhone.  With the integration of PayPal’s Mobile Payments Library, Baublet customers are able to quickly and easily purchase these charms with their PayPal accounts.

Baublet developer Michael Robinson said, “Being a first time developer, PayPal’s quick and responsive help has been fantastic and made this task pretty darn easy. Our goal was to have the ability to create, purchase and mail a charm within a few minutes on our app. The PayPal’s Mobile Payments was critical to that success.”