PayPal Now Tagged onto Tabbedout Mobile Payment App

On Tuesday, Tabbedout, a popular mobile payment solution that lets customers open, view and resolve their bar or restaurant tab with their phone, announced that its delving into PayPal territory.

More specifically, Tabbedout now offers PayPal as a payment option within the app. Instead of settling their tab with a credit card, consumers can now pay using their PayPal account at select Tabbedout locations, for now only in the Austin, Texas area.

Through Tabbedout, PayPal will be accepted at bars and restaurants for the first time in select U.S. locations, giving customers the seamless experience they’ve come to expect when paying with PayPal, the company says.

The real benefit being touted, of course, is security. The implementation of PayPal removes the need to take out your credit card amidst strangers or servers.

“PayPal is enthusiastic about giving our consumers the choice to make payments any time, anywhere and in almost any way they want,” said Scott Dunlap, vice president of emerging opportunities for PayPal. “Being offered within the Tabbedout mobile app is another way we’re delivering consumers a fast, secure way to pay without ever pulling out their wallets.”