PayPal May Join Online Gambling World

PayPal May Join Online Gambling WorldGuess what, folks? There might be a new addition to the online casino world in the US. That new addition would be none other than, the payment site you eBayers know and love, PayPal.

According to, the online gambling market has been trying to get this powerhouse payment site to join on for a while. This very well may be a reality as Online Poker Report’s author Chris Grove tweeted, “Sources tell OPR that PayPal will start processing regulated US online #gambling payments in coming months. Handful of operators to start.”

Now for those who know online and mobile payments giant PayPal, I know this may be surprising, as last year this was not the same tune. Grove and the Online Poker Report also stated that, “If PayPal does enter the US online gambling market, it would be a definite change in their stance from last year. Late last year as Delaware and New Jersey were joining Nevada in the market, PayPal was one of the many companies that refused to process online gambling payments.”

It was an issue because, right now, US online gamblers are unable to use banks as viable forms of payment. Therefore, the only places they could go to for online gambling payments were not well known such as Skrill and NETELLER.

So does this mean that you’re putting your paycheck on the line online instead of having to head to Vegas?  I wouldn’t go that far just yet. Though PayPal Is being used through Winamax for playing games and purchasing moneychips on Pokerstars website, states that, “The service would still need to be licensed by the gaming regulators in New Jersey, Deleware, and Nevada before becoming a viable payment option for eager US players.”