PayPal Has Designs on Burgeoning Payments Business in Asia

Asia is a growing market for all facets of the mobile industry, From mobile marketing to mobile payments, big business is now being done where it was almost unheard of only a short time ago.

The latest online titan to more aggressively concentrate its brand and accompanying services in that part of the world is PayPal.

On Thursday, PayPal president Scott Thompson announced that Rupert Keeley, one of the top executives in the payments industry, will join PayPal to run the company’s burgeoning business in Asia Pacific.

“PayPal’s Asia Pacific business is growing faster than any other in the world,” Thompson reveals on the Official PayPal Blog, “and we have so many opportunities everywhere we look. Cross-border trade remains a significant business for us as merchants in Greater China, the manufacturing hub of the world, sell to our more than 100 million active accounts in 190 markets worldwide.”

Keeley will be charged with overseeing PayPal’s regional growth strategy, building a talented team, and developing relationships with customers and partners across the continent of Asia.

“I’ve known Rupert for many years,” Thompson admits, “and I consider him one of the best executives that I’ve ever worked with. With 30 years of experience in the payments space, Rupert knows the industry inside and out and has built deep, trusting relationships across the region.”