PayPal at the Pump? Gas Stations May Soon Be Able to Advertise New Payment Option

PayPal at the Pump Gas Stations May Soon Be Able to Advertise New Payment OptionMAPCO Express, a convenience store chain (and gas station) in the southwest, has just rolled out a mobile app letting customers pay for gas, says Mobile Payments Today.

They want to offer rewards in exchange for consumers paying for gas with a smartphone.

The MY MAPCO app’s exclusive payment option is with PayPal. “Really, there was no other consideration when it came with partnering with one of the best payment providers out there,” said Howard Curtis, MAPCO’s director of marketing and CRM.

MAPCO realized mobile payments were becoming more popular with consumers and wanted to get in on the action. The app gives five cents back on every gallon, an incentive which could lead to $100 savings a year.

Curtis says making the customer aware of the app is a challenge.  The app was released three months ago and “PayPal and MAPCO are very focused on getting the awareness out there and focused on convenience and what it means to people,” says Curtis.

Early results suggest the rewards work. Both companies could not share specifics about current consumer use, but said the app’s most loyal users are coming back again and again.

The app is free (for iOS and Android) and can be used at 276 locations across the southwest.