PayAnywhere’s Mobile Payments Prowess Praised in Forbes

Forbes is out with a new report highlighting the evolution of payment platforms and the industries gaining invaluable resources from today’s leading payment solutions providers.

PayAnywhere received high marks in the report, particularly from our troops – the cookie-wielding variety of troops, that is.

In other words, thanks to mobile payment options, it’s getting more and more difficult to say “no” to  Girl Scouts and their thin mints.

Recently, a Girl Scout troop in San Gorgonio, California proved this point with stunning results when the young ladies and their troop leaders turned to PayAnywhere. The goal, naturally, was to lean on the mobile credit card processing solution in hopes that it would provide a spike in fundraising through increased buying opportunities for consumers.

It worked.

Rather than having to wait for credit card information to process for days or weeks at a time, each fan of the delicious cookies was given the option to pay with cash, check or credit – and to have the information processed quicker than ever before.

Based on consumer reactions, the mobile payment option was a big hit and the Girl Scouts have plenty of extra funds to show for it.

PayAnywhere says the Girl Scouts paid the lowest processing rate in the mobile payment industry (2.69%) by using their solution.