PayAnywhere Ready for The Day When Cash is ‘Obsolete’

The team at PayAnywhere is in good shape for when that big day finally arrives – the day when cash is something our grandchildren may only know from the history books or museum trips.

As the prevalence of plastic continues to push paper bills into the ash heap of history, the industry’s leading credit card processing companies and mobile payments providers are gearing up for the inevitable day when cash is hardly – if ever – used at the point of sale.

“Over the last few decades,” a post on the PayAnywhere blog reads, “cash has gradually fallen out of favor amongst consumers at large. Currently, two-thirds of the public prefer to make payments via credit and debit cards. In the near future, another form of payment is set to further squeeze cash right out of the loop.”

The company certainly knows what it’s talking about, as PayAnywhere’s services continue to help thousands of businesses maximize their earnings potential.

If you’re not familiar, the PayAnywhere mobile credit card reader is a small accessory that plugs into the audio jack of smartphones and tablets, transforming them into mobile payment terminals that can swipe credit and debit cards to securely process payments.

With the popularity of these and other platforms quickly killing the dated cash register and the cash found inside of them, it’s clear that myriad factors are building up toward cash money’s final curtain.

So what are the top three reasons why cash will soon be obsolete? Check out the official PayAnywhere blog to find out.