Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Internet Access Gets Go-Ahead By Opera Software

On Thursday, the always innovative team at Opera Software announced a new and surprisingly refreshing way for mobile operators to offer their subscribers access to the web.

Dubbed a “one-click experience,” the new Opera Web Pass lets operators package time- or site-specific data offerings to their users. And when it comes to having users, Opera Software knows a thing or two. The organization now has over 100 operator partners around the world and over 200 million users of its various mobile products.

“This makes it even more compelling for subscribers to get online using their mobile phones and in a way that is tailored to their needs,” the company says. “For mobile subscribers without data plans, this is the easiest and most flexible solution for accessing the web. If you have a couple of hours to spend on a train, get a couple of hours of web for the trip.”

With the opportunity to choose exactly the time you would like to access the web, rather than the amount of megabytes, the offering becomes more tangible and easy to understand, something both operators and their subscribers will appreciate.

“We see this as a great way of lowering the bar for millions of users who are taking their first steps out to the mobile web. We are excited about working with our operator partners and making the web even more accessible and tailored to the needs of a growing mobile internet community,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software.