Paula Deen’s ‘Fall From Race’ Gives Digital Publishing a Huge Win

Paula Deen's 'Fall From Race' Gives Digital Publishing a Huge WinThe realm of traditional print publishing was sent reeling Monday as the mobile masses turned to their smartphones and tablets to scoop up the hottest new book on the publishing landscape. And get this – it’s an ebook exclusive.

On Monday, the electronic publishing world was buzzing about a new ebook consumers are downloading with haste. From the publisher of bestselling biographies of Steve Jobs and Tiger Woods comes a detailed new look behind the scenes of the race-fueled scandal that appears to have collapsed Paula Deen’s expansive and once flawless media empire.

New Beginnings Press publisher James Broderick says the Deen saga has sparked a new debate that only seems to have been exacerbated by other race-related headlines in recent weeks, including the controversial acquittal of George Zimmerman on Saturday.

“Paula Deen is feeling the brunt of a debate that actually about much more than a word she used twenty years ago,” Broderick says. “No one condones the use of hateful language,” he continues, “but if we’re going to effectively terminate and publicly humiliate everyone who has ever used an offensive term in their lives, no one would be able to keep a job in this country.”

Controversial and in-depth, the unauthorized new work – which the publisher says is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Paula Deen, The Food Network, or related parties – paints a detailed picture of what really went on behind the scenes as Paula Deen’s reputation and business relationships were sullied.

“Deen has been lifted as the symbol of racists across the country, and punished, less for her own sins, than for the sins of the entire American South,” author Michael Winslow writes. “Yes, horrible, ugly things happened in our history, and we shouldn’t just shut them up in a box and pretend they never happened, but we also cannot project them entirely onto one woman.”

Poised for overnight bestseller status, “Paula Deen: Fall From Grace” is available now for $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.