Path Targeted with Class Action Lawsuit Over SMS Messages… Again

Path Targeted with Class Action Lawsuit Over SMS MessagesIt’s not old news coming to the surface… it’s the same problem making new headlines all over again.

Mobile social network Path is once again being targeted with a potential class-action lawsuit for purportedly spamming mobile device users.

According to published reports, a California woman alleges that the social network began sending her mobile notifications relating to other Path users that want to share photos with her.

The woman says that Path’s message “violates the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits companies from using automated dialers to send SMS ads to people’s cell phones without their consent.”
A a result, a lawsuit was just filed in the Southern District of California. Class-action status is being sought, Media Post is reporting.

Earlier this year, Illinois resident Kevin Sterk filed a similar lawsuit, which is now pending in federal court in that state. A second case, filed this summer by other consumers, was recently withdrawn without prejudice — meaning that the consumers can bring it again.

Path says it doesn’t use the same “automated dialing service” covered by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.