Partners Launch Industry’s Complete Solution for ‘Smart’ NFC Hang Tags

Chalk it up as an industry first.

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that Thin Film Electronics ASA — a global leader in NFC (near field communication) mobile marketing and smart product solutions — has forged a partnership with Charming Trim & Packaging, Inc., a leading provider of trim and packaging solutions to the garment industry.

Through the collaboration, we’re told that Thinfilm’s NFC SpeedTap and OpenSense technologies will be incorporated in Charming’s apparel hang tags, empowering brands to engage directly with shoppers and customers through the simple tap of a smartphone. Full integration with Thinfilm’s CNECT Brand Analytics SaaS platform enables streamlined tag configuration, campaign creation and management, and analytics reporting.

According to a provided release:

Given its dynamic nature and need to combine personalized marketing with a more responsive supply chain, the apparel industry is uniquely suited to benefit from physical-digital solutions combining easy-to-use NFC technology with the flexibility of cloud-based digital marketing.

We’re also told that Thinfilm SpeedTap technology is integrated into a product’s hangtag, label, or packaging and can be read with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone. Once a consumer taps the NFC tag with a compatible smartphone, the phone connects to Thinfilm’s CNECT cloud platform to launch a highly relevant mobile consumer experience, including contextually relevant product and brand information, promotions, authentication messaging, and other brand-directed content.

“Charming is committed to delighting our customers with high-quality, sustainable products that combine premium processes with cutting-edge technology. Incorporating SpeedTap technology into our offerings allows brands to deliver a very effective message while utilizing less physical material on the garment,” said Rich Ringeisen, President of Charming Trim. “We want to help the brands we serve to connect with shoppers, either at retail or through direct-to-consumer channels, in order to build lasting relationships. Thinfilm’s SpeedTap tags and CNECT cloud platform combine to make NFC interactive deployments straightforward and effective.”

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