Parks Associates: iPhone Users Are Happy But Want More from Siri

According to the findings of a new consumer research report from the international research firm Parks Associates, more than half of Apple iPhone 4S Users are satisfied with Siri – the voice-controlled personal assistant – and 37% want more from the feature, specifically Siri-style voice command for TV.

Of course, we’ve been hearing from months that Apple is working on an iOS-powered HDTVD that could deliver Siri voice control of the product. If that’s the case, there appears to be a great demand among users for such a platform.

The popularity and usability of the company’s natural-language user interface could determine the extent of Apple’s impact on the TV market, Parks Associates says.

“Siri is clearly a hit among the initial iPhone user base,” asserts John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates. “Consumers like Siri because it’s convenient, easy to use, and helpful for remembering important information (e.g., birthdays) and its hands-free capability makes it easy to send texts, emails, and phone calls. However, I would have expected more owners to want Siri for their TV set. These are the folks that rushed out to get the new iPhone 4S.”

“People are expressing some reservations about Siri that could impact its popularity on other platforms,” Barrett adds. “Some said Siri didn’t work well against background noise. Others said it had trouble understanding commands. These problems could be amplified in a noisy living room, where the main TV would be located.”

Would you like to control your television via Siri?