Parents of Young Children Are Obvious Targets for Mobile Marketing

Parents of Young Children May Be Most Responsive to Mobile MarketingHigh on the list of critical demographics and audiences to target with mobile marketing are parents of young children.

eMarketer estimates that smartphone usage will reach just over half the US population by the end of 2014, although parents with kids at home are overwhelmingly inclined to be smartphone owners when compared to the general population.

The most recent data available from a Scout GPS survey conducted by Harris Interactive shows that 57% of U.S. internet users surveyed had a smartphone.

“But smartphone penetration among parents of children under 18 was significantly higher, at 74% or above, depending on the age of the child,” the report reads. “The highest smartphone penetration was reported by parents with kids ages 3 to 5, 84% of whom had a smartphone.”

And it’s not just smartphones that parents are flocking to at a fast clip. Parents also “overindexed on overall ownership of any mobile device,” as well as tablet ownership.

Consequently, in response to the heightened mobile device ownership observed within the parenting community, this audience is said to be particularly ripe for and receptive of mobile marketing efforts by brands and companies they know and trust.