Panel At OMMA Says Mobile Still “Just Isn’t Worth It”

I came across an article recently that spoke about mobile marketing still being so “complicated and complex” that it almost isn’t worth it unless it’s part of an “integrated marketing campaign.”

whatever the case may be, the overall concensus with one panel at last week’s OMMA Mobile concluded that mobile marketing is still simply “not ready.”  Nobody disagreed with the fact that using mobile marketing as part of a larger integrated marketing campaign makes perfect sense, but as standalone campaigns, it doesn’t make sense due to “all the time involved.”

What’s interesting about these conclusions are the people that were on this particular panel- Linda Gridley, President of a small M&A boutique focused on internet and marketing services; Evan Kraus, Global SVP Ad Sales, Jumptap; Adam Schlacter, Senior Partner, Digital Practice Lead, Mediaedge:cia; and Steven Siegel, Mobile Solutions Specialist, Microsoft Advertising.  The theme?  They all work in the realm of online marketing in one form or fashion, mobile mobile marketing.

The panel also mentions the intense “learning curve” associated with mobile marketing campaigns, which I guess is true to a degree, but overall it makes too much sense to ignore.  The time to strike and become oriented in the ways of mobile marketing are now instead of the years when every brand around is using SMS and flooding their mobile sites with display advertising.

Another interesting conclusion the panel made was that this year “probably won’t be the breakout year for mobile,” blaming the recession and again, the learning curve.