Pandora Survey: From Back-to-School to Holidays, Mobile Driving More Decisions

pandoraWith Pandora rapidly emerging as one of the most innovative and effective advertising powerhouses across the modern media landscape, the respected streaming music giant recently conducted a panel survey of its listeners to learn more about what it already had glimpsed: mobile is rocking it when it comes to advertising.

Pandora wants to help its client base of marketers (those who know that “back-to-school” is second only in importance “to the shopping extravaganza that is the holiday season”) drive greater results and profits from their advertising spend.

“It will be a couple months before we know the exact dollar amount consumers spent this year on pencils, notebooks and the perfect first-day outfit, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to start gleaning insights into how they shopped and what influenced those decisions,” notes Pandora.

Pandora encouraged listeners to divulge how they shop. The big takeaway? Mobile is major.

“(Our) survey of Pandora listeners surfaced what we think is the most important takeaway from this year’s back-to-school season: That mobile plays a highly influential role in preparing for the new school year–even greater evidence of why it’s critical for marketers to understand and utilize mobile advertising for any major shopping occasion.”

Want to know what else Pandora discovered? Take a gander at their insightful infographic shared below: