Pandora Pushes Forward with Innovative Native Mobile Ad Effort

Earlier this week, MMW was briefed by the team at Pandora about their new visual ad experience – a series of native, mobile ad formats that make rich media, video, and display ads more impactful and effective for marketers.

The offering will be rolled out to the company’s 80 million monthly active users.

“It gives listeners more control over the ads they see and delivers stronger results for brands,” Pandora tells us. “The ads launch in beta this summer with Express and the Lexus Dealer Association, and will be available to all advertisers later this year.”

According to Mobile Advertising Watch, which previewed the ads, the new ads in question seek to harness the natural behavior of mobile users, as well as provide a creative opening for advertisers.


“The ad experience lives within the square space that houses album art, fitting seamlessly into the core visual element of Pandora, and includes the ability for listeners to swipe vs. tap to dismiss,” the company tells us. “It also allows advertisers to measure key signs of listener engagement including time spent and viewability, and supports IAB standard ads as well as programmatic needs.”

“At Pandora, we believe what is good for the listener is good for the advertiser,” said John Trimble, the chief revenue officer at Pandora. “We saw an industry-wide problem with visual mobile ads and focused on what ‘the impression’ initially set out to achieve: viewability, time spent, attention, and engagement. We’re changing the game by helping advertisers think less about traditional impressions and more about the quality of each interaction.”

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