Pandora Pins Hopes on Mobile Platform

Following the established trend of other digital powerhouses in media and social networking, music streaming service Pandora is now shifting to the “mobile first” mentality.

According to the company, the overwhelming majority of listening hours (75%) now takes place on mobile devices.

Pandora Director of Communications Mollie Starr says “mobile is the biggest [platform] for us,” which isn’t surprising given that the service is now available through more than 1,000 different mobile devices.

Pandora, however, hasn’t been without its fair share of struggles. In response to less-than-staggering mobile ad revenue, last February Pandora founder Tim Westergren suggested that the time had come for Pandora’s biggest mobile users to become paying customers.

As a result, Pandora announced a cap on how much music users can stream each month if they are non-paying customers. Pandora subsequently established a 40-hour-per-month limit on mobile listening for those using the service for free.