Palm Pre Palpitations

So I’m in a car driving to dinner at ChicksWhoClick last weekend. There are five of us ‘clicking chicks’ in the car and the subject of needing a new cell phone comes up. Within about 10 seconds we are all talking animatedly about the Palm Pre and how much we each want one.

We were excited about the features of the Palm Pre as well as the fact that it is coming to Sprint. As tech savvy as this group of women was, not a single one of us wanted an iPhone (or to be on AT&T for that matter). We did want an excellent mobile web experience from a powerful device. We were talking about having a super cool touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard to support our text messaging (aka Twittering) addictions. The ability to truly multitask with a mobile was very appealing to us.

What this conversation made very clear to me is that consumers are starting to expect bigger and better features on our phones so we can do more with them. We are hungry to consume the world via our mobile devices. If it a Palm Pre so much the better.

Here is a quick informative video by that asks if Palm Pre is an iPhone killer?

I don’t think anything can really kill iPhone now but the Pre certainly opens up the market with an amazing iPhone alternative. I’ll be in line when it comes out. (Hope the weather is good when it debuts in case I have to sleep out overnight.)

What do you think of the Palm Pre?