Paid iTunes TV Subscription Ahead?

Reports have surfaced that Apple is working with major television networks on a potential service that would create a $30-per-month subscription package to deliver content via iTunes.

The potential service, which may launch as early as 2010, has been kept on the down-low for some time. But the recent wave of information leaks about Apple’s allegedly aggressive push for the service likely means its about to debut.

Peter Kafka at MediaMemo said Apple’s subscription proposal is “not based on any specific piece of hardware, like the Apple TV or forthcoming tablet. Rather, the plan would stick with the existing iTunes desktop software.”

Although no firm commitments are known to have been made in support of the possible service from major content providers, some expect Disney to dive in head first. Disney and Apple, after all, have long had a very positive relationship as evidence by Disney being the first to provide its content on iTunes – a move that worked well for both Apple and Disney.

It’s likely that an announcement of the new service will come soon. As we’ve seen in recent days, Apple is laying the groundwork for what would appear to be a host of new ventures (which could translate to new opportunities for mobile marketers) by shoring up their strongholds. Apple TV software, for example, was updated to version 3.0, which introduced a redesigned interface and host of other attractive attributes.