Oyokey Launches ‘Voice URL’ for the Voice Assistant Market

Oyokey Launches 'Voice URL' for the Voice Assistant MarketOyokey Inc., a formidable presence in cloud-based addressing and recognition technology, has just launched something called “Voice URL” for the Voice Assistant Market.

Targeting voice centric mobile and wearable devices such as Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and voice applications such as Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice, “Voice URL” is designed to bring addressing, accessing and linking of information accurately using voice commands.

“Devices such as smartphones allow consumers only limited ability to type and in some cases voice is the primary human–device interaction method. With our technology, the idea is simple – enable consumers to access the vast amount of information on the Internet, using a ‘Voice URL,’” explains Nitin Anand, CEO and founder of Oyokey.

Current voice applications, such as Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice, use natural language commands to interact with the device for retrieval of relevant information.  However, most commands that are not pre-coded are sent to the search feature of the device.  An additional element of accurate addressing can be added to the capability of such applications.

Oyokey says its “Voice URL” is the first technology to do so.

Licensing for OEMs, such as smartphone manufactures and developers of voice applications such as voice assistants, and enterprises are available directly from Oyokey.